If only help was this easy to find

The simplest way to give and get help

We all need help from time to time

Sometimes life gets a little too much to handle. You may have lost someone close and are finding it difficult to move forward. Perhaps you just had kids and feel overwhelmed managing the day-to-day things that used to be easy.

Maybe you didn’t think you need help, but now that someone’s asking, you realize you do. Or maybe you don’t need help, but you know someone who does.

NeedU empowers all types of people, dealing with all types of situations, to ask for help and get the extra support they need.

Whatever it is you need, whether it’s a little help or a lot, NeedU provides a platform to give and get help in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Help is just three steps away

Create a NeedU Page

Set up an online page that briefly describes the help you’re looking for. You can create this page for yourself or on behalf of someone you know who needs help.

Add the things you need

From meals to laundry to mowing the lawn – there are so many ways your community could help. Add a list of the things you need to your page so people know how they can contribute.

Share with your friends & family

Once you’re done setting up your page, start sharing it with your friends, family and your community. Only people who have access to the URL link of your page will be able to see it.

Why we started NeedU

Over the last few years, we’ve experienced times when we needed some extra support. Some of these times were sad, marked by the loss of loved ones. Other times were happier but hard in their own way, like the birth of two children in one year. Our friends, family and community were there for us and expressed how much they wanted to help, but we didn’t know what to ask or how to ask for it. 

We created NeedU because needing help is normal, and yet there was no platform out there that bridged the gap between asking and receiving help. 

— A note from the co-founders of NeedU: Jonathan, Brandon and David

Something we can help with? Reach out and say hi!